Chicken Laphin!

Laphin! Half of you may have drooled on hearing this name (and the picture) and the other half may be wondering what this new species is. For the other half, Laphin is originally a Tibetan dish and it has been getting quite popular in the Kathmandu valley as well. It is a cold noodle dish. The interesting thing about the dish particularly is the noodles, the noodles are made from starches extracted either from potato or flour, and is cooked overnight. Once the extract has settled, they are cut and formed into noodles before being dipped in a sauce made from dried chilies and vinegar.

Laphin is quite popular in the valley and many places have tried to put their own unique kick to it. I'm a big fan of laphin. You could also say I've tried almost every type of laphin found in the valley at least. The place I visited for this blog to be posted is 109 degree. They had quite a unique dish which as you know is chicken laphin! There aren't many places that sell chicken laphin so …

The Sizzling Momo

Momos! Us Nepalese could easily declare momo as the national food of Nepal. Whether we go to an expensive restaurant or not we'll always have that one order of momo among the other good stuff. For those of you who don't know what a momo is (which I highly doubt), well it's a steamed bun with some sort of filling, it can be anything that you wish, literally!

Today's dish is "The Sizzling Momo", which I tried in the Trafford restaurant which is located inside the "Baneshwor mall" in New Baneshwor.Honestly, this was one of the best momos that I've had in a long time. With the sizzling sound that it is served with and the tangy sauce with which it is covered with, the spiciness, this combo is definitely the best.

If you love spicy food or can also handle a bit of spice, you'll love it! I'm not a big fan of spicy food (well unless it's hot wings )  but this was an exceptional case since it surely was a tasty bite!

Price- Rs 175


What's the only triangle shape that everyone loves? Pizzas! You could pick any random human, and I’m sure that out of a hundred people, eighty would like pizza. Well, I also fall in that 80% majority, and I am a self-proclaimed pizza enthusiast. I’d eat pizza all day, every day if I could. It is my go-to comfort food.

There's a lot of pizza hubs in Kathmandu and the one that stood out to me the most was Pizza World. By the name itself you can already tell that it specializes in pizza and I think that they do stand up to their name. It is a large food chain, so it has a lot of branches all over the town. The one I went to was in Bouddha. Bouddha is one of the most peaceful places in Kathmandu. You can come here and just be yourself and enjoy the surrounding. There are a lot of famous dishes here that you can get too, from laphin to other special noodles! All of those delicacies could be potential future topics, but for now, let’s talk very enthusiastically about pizza world!!

Chicken Batuka

Vegetarians, vegans, allergic people aside, the rest of us love chicken! It is pretty much a staple diet, and is a frequent visitor in our kitchen. Let’s talk about this ingredient that nobody seems to want to miss out on. Let’s talk chicken! You guys have probably heard about "Fuchhey Restaurant". It's getting famous as the days go by, since it serves some of the best food with such great deals! Trust me, I'm not sponsored by the restaurant in any way, although I wish I was.

This beautiful restaurant lies right at putalisadak where you just have to walk a few meters on the left. The space , the people all seem to be just perfect . Honestly the first thing that struck out to me when I went here was the menu. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow! This is so affordable.”. I promise you, if you're on a budget, this is the place for you!

I ordered the "Chicken Batuka", which was served in a bowl with an egg at the top . The dish consisted of rice, chicken …

The Special Fries!

Potato or "aloo" is a very Nepali thing. You can eat an aloo, or you know, you can be an aloo if your friends call you that lovingly. Who doesn't love aloo? Well if you ever ask anyone to volunteer to eating french fries or any sort of dish which includes potatoes, I'll always be the first one in line. In Nepali, there is a saying "Potato is the king of vegetables". This is because they can be eaten in a hundred different ways; boiled, fried, pickled, in soups, as stand-alone dishes and as a part of cooked meals. Late at night and need a quick time easy bite? Aloo to the rescue! See, aloo is always there, even when no one else is. 

Okay, I may have talked a lot about aloos so let me actually focus on the dish. The place that I'm talking about today is the Shavi's fries, which is located in Thamel. I previously did a blog post about this place about two weeks ago. This place is adorned by a giant chalkboard wall which is really interesting to look a…

Hot wings!

There can only be a few people (excluding vegetarians/vegans and people who like a little less spiciness in life) who don't love hot wings! This delicacy is found in many places and loved by everyone.One of the best places to eat hot wings is at BK's place, located in Thamel, the core of Kathmandu Valley.

BK's is located in the same alley as Funky Buddha (which is a popular cafe/club), and it has been here for a long time.The place itself has a different vibe altogether, friends, colleagues and couples alike love to hang out here as you get good food and also get to have an amazing environment.The owner of the cafe is quite friendly and you get a warm welcoming feeling, which is definitely a plus point of BK's place.There are a lot of food items to choose from but normally people go for the hot wings and the fries.

If you're someone who doesn't like things to be too spicy but can handle a little bit of spice here and there, you'll surely love it! The chicke…


Thamel as always has been one of the most popular places in Kathmandu Valley. It is a hot spot for locals as well as people who come here .There's always something to explore in Thamel, Even as native of Kathmandu,i have not fully explored Thamel.There's always a new place or a new club or even a new guest house each time you go. Yes, this place it truly fascinating, and yes, I got to know about this place by exploring too.

A few days ago, as I was passing by a small alley in Thamel , I found a shop called "Shavi's Fries", it had the words "fries" so I obviously went in . I'd initially gone for fries, but I found something else there as well. It's new name struck me the most as we usually don't get them in Nepal ,and that, my friends, is how i was introduced to churros.

Churros! Isn't that a fun name? It tastes about as fun as it sounds too. This tasty bite is basically made up of fried dough pastry and it's normally eaten for brea…